This page is for all the projects I've worked on, whether they be a scrapbook or a gift or a party.  It's pictures I'm posting to share with those who didn't get a chance to see the projects I'm working on but would like to. The newest projects are posted on the top, moving down then by age.

Magazine Covers for the Girl

Bev's Christmas Present

Jena's Christmas Present

Jocelyn's Bingo Box

Megan and Dave's Baby Book

CHC Basket and Book

Kara's Guest Book

Kara's Baby Shower Present

Stacie's Wedding Album

Kristin's B-day Present

Cory and Jim's Wedding Album

Colin's Letters

Handbound Books

Colin's Baby Book

Daul Heritage Album

Megan and Dave's Guest Book

Colorado Book

Peyton's Baby Book

Lexi's ABC Book

Megan's Mini-Book

Number Book

Kara's Scrapbook

Lexi's Color Book

Heritage Album

Photoshop Projects - I do a lot of playing in Photoshop, these are some of my results.