For an MBA elective, I went to Japan from May 17th to May 30th.  The pictures are broken down below!

Traveling - May 17 and 18
Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park - May 19th
Seibold University - May 19
Sightseeing - May 20th
Revolving Sushi - May 20th

Sightseeing - May 21st

Traveling/UN Habitat/Yakitori/Hotel/Karaoke - May 22nd

Baseball Game - May 23rd

Robotics Factory and Mall - May 24th

Beppu- APU and Hotel - May 25th

Going to Kyoto and Kyoto Tower Hotel - May 26th

Sightseeing - May 27th

Osaka - May 28th

Suntory and Gion - May 29th

Kyoto - May 30th