Below you will find several links which I visit.  Some of them are just for my own personal reference.  Check them out.

Woot - Woot is an online sales site.  They feature one product each day.  It's usually a techie product.  Some days they just have killer deals.  They also have some fun contests that they run every few week where you can test out your Photoshop chops.

CNN.Com - My favorite news site online. 

Lonely Planet - Lonely Planet has some great travel references. - Good for some comic relief - Gotta keep up on that Local News!  Go Tigers! - The site with all the info for my MBA program.  I am officially alumni! - - Good free blog, great free place to post some pics if you want to share. - I love Ben Harper - I love Jack Johnson too! - I really love Joe Firstman! - Some fun little games that you can play to pass some time - The majority of the Wisconsin Wineries are listed on this site. Great resource if you're into the local winery scene.  - Good geek site. - If you're getting married or want to make a great mix CD for someone getting married, this site has lots of great wedding music for anything from the walk down the aisle to the last dance! - Martine Recipes.  Yummy! - More Martine Recipes! - My Japan Blog - My Europe Blog